Handmade Holidays: Firefly

It’s time for another round of Handmade Holidays. If you missed our first from last week, you can check it out here. If you are all about being a browncoat, then todays post is for you. There are a few gifts that may need a couple of months saving for, but they would so worth it for cosplay or comic con. For a full list of Firefly-inspired gifts, check out my Etsy Treasury here. If there are other handmade gifts you think should make the cut, be sure to share them in a comment below!

 photo il_570xN501913931_p2ey_zps69ab123b.jpg
Serenity Leather Cuff by Stars Spikes & Madness

 photo il_570xN411759269_ivv6_zps9ace089e.jpg
Firefly Serenity Mirrored Christmas Ornament by Through Thick and Thin

 photo il_570xN408962714_8i6s_zpsa4bf86eb.jpg
Crocheted Jayne Cobb Hat by Gamer Glam

 photo il_570xN439493596_lwp8_zpsecf239db.jpg
Firefly Malcolm Reynold’s Pistol by QE Props

 photo il_570xN468255460_7g86_zps859077a5.jpg
Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal Firefly Bow Tie by Speicher Tie Company

 photo il_570xN518652854_s3si_zps62ba1ded.jpg
Kaylee Shindig Gown by Walker & White

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Handmade Holidays: Star Wars

The gift-giving season has come upon us so fast and it is hard to believe that Christmas is just right around the corner. Here at Radical Geekery we are all about handmade artisan gift-giving and we wanted to share some of our favorites this year. Check these fabulous pieces out and perhaps pick up a few for this years gift-giving holidays.

 photo strike-back-rebellion-starwars-retro-vintage-poster_zpsc57929be.jpeg

Star Wars Princess Leia Pinup Series by Ant Lucia

 photo enhanced-buzz-14551-1384197308-26_zps25d53905.jpg

Quilled Paper Stormtrooper from Alia Syed

 photo il_570xN303866004_zpsc5c8bfb7.jpg

R2D2 Cooking Apron from Haute Mess Threads

 photo il_570xN320801890_zpse9dec7f5.jpg

Yoda Birthday Card by Sweet Geek

 photo il_570xN378502587_i9sl_zps83809b2c.jpg

Rougue Squadron Print by Andrew Heath

 photo il_570xN522803584_2prt_zpsd809a0de.jpg

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Tree Skirt by Nasakat

Most of these items you can find on Etsy, and for a full-list of my favorite Star Wars-inspired gifts, you can check out my treasury list here. If you have any other fun gifts that you think should be included on my treasury list, link them below!