Felicia Day Giveaway – The Guild Official Companion Book

A few weeks ago I received a mystery e-mail from a marketing executive at Titan Books, I was being given the chance to review Felicia Day’s new book The Guild: The Official Companion. I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw that line and got so excited that I did a little happy dance. At first I couldn’t figure out how or why he picked my blog out, but then I remembered that back in March at Emerald City Comic Con, I met Felicia Day and ended up networking with her a bit. I was so happy to know that something came of it.

 photo GuildGiveaway_zps34ac7816.jpg

This is the ultimate book for anyone who is a fan of The Guild web-series, it is full of behind-the-scenes photos, interview, sketches and drawings and hilarious stories that you wouldn’t hear otherwise. One of my favorite bits comes from the first time Felicia Day and Will Wheaton (spoiler!) met IRL to discuss plans of him being in the show. He says, ” She told me how she’d created this character who was the leader of a rival guild. ‘He’s a douchebag in a kilt,’ she said. That was pretty much all I needed to hear, and I signed on immediately.

 photo TableofContents_zps0af1a3bd.jpg

One thing that I found really great about this book was how real and down-to-earth it brought the characters of the show to be. In the introduction, Felicia talks about how the creation of the Guild came about and I found out that she was actually addicted to WoW (World of Warcraft) and ended up quitting cold turkey in order to work on the show.

This was actually one of my favorite photos in the book because it is actually what got me interesting in the show in the first place. I had heard of Felicia Day from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog, but hadn’t really seen what other work she had done. Along came the music video, “Do You Want to Date My Avatar?” and I was hooked. This video is a hilarious spoof of MMORPG’s and pop music. Watch it below and see what I mean:

If you are a veteran of MMO-gaming you will find that video to be spot on. To find a great acoustic version of the video (featuring Felicia Day), click here. All-in-all this book is one of the best behind-the-scenes books I’ve encountered. It has lots of information that I wouldn’t have known otherwise and I’m having a lot of fun flipping through and seeing the artwork and photos. And now it’s time for you to participate. I was lucky enough to get two copies of The Guild: The Official Companion and I want you to get involved. Jump below this awesome Guild artwork to find out the guidelines.

 photo Artwork_zpsd5567226.jpg

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4. Giveaway is open from now, Tuesday, July 23rd until midnight on July 31, 2013.

Ready. Set. Game!


Emerald City Comic Con: #Guests

It is time for more Comic Con goodness, are you ready? Today is all about the guests and the fabulous people that I met at Comic Con. The range from voice actors to geeky bloggers and photographers and even a very well-known Shakespearean actor.  Take a look!

Me and Phil LaMarr.jpg

Me and Phil LaMarr (voice of Hermes from Futurama). I stood in line for about a half an hour to get Phil LaMarr’s autograph. He asked about my purple hair and I explained that I cosplayed as Leela and he told me I had kick-ass Leela shoulders (true story). I even asked him to do Hermes voice and he did (eee! I totally fangirled over that). Next year, I think my first stop is going to be the voice acting section so I can meet some of my favorite cartoon characters in real-time.

Me and Mandy.jpg

Me and Mandy (from Mandy McGee Photography). Mandy and I became friends a few months ago on twitter and I tweeted to her that I was going to be at ECCC this year. We ended up hanging out a couple times over the weekend and I found a great new friend in Seattle.

Felicia and Leela.jpg

Felicia Day and Me. Can you tell I’m squeeing inside? I met Felicia Day! OMG. She was why I came to Comic Con in the first place. I’ve been following Felicia for a few years and she is a great deal of my inspiration for starting this blog. I was so excited to meet her and we even got to talk about soap.

Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart. ‘Nuff said. This was the last panel I attended before I left for the weekend and it couldn’t have been better. I mean, it’s Sir Patrick Stewart who we know as Jean-Luc Picard andProfessor X.

Prince Humperdinck.jpg

Chris Sarandon.¬†Otherwise know as Prince Humperdinck from Princess Bride. He was so sweet and down-to-earth and answered all questions that were asked. I’m definitely going to take a look at more of the movies he’s been in, his great attitude peaked my interested.

Tara and Me.jpg

Tara from The Geeky Hostess. I’ve been following Tara’s blog, The Geeky Hostess for the past year and absolutely love reading it. It’s totally up my alley with it’s geeky fashion and makeup advice and Tara is such a sweetheart in real life. I was able to attend the panel “Being Geek and Feminine,” that she was on and it was actually one of my favorites, I can’t wait to chat with her more about it.

There were so many people and panels that I wanted to attend this year, but I only got to a few. Which panels and guest were your favorite?

Day One : Emerald City Comic Con

Oh my goodness! I can’t imagine a better day at my very first Comic Con. It was just an absolute blast to be smack dab in the middle of geekdom and have so many people that were just like me. The costumes were amazing, the merchandise was fabulous and the panels were stellar. There was so much going on that I cannot even begin to describe it to you in this short little post. But don’t worry, after con there will be an entire recap of the entire event. My favorite part of the day was seeing Felicia Day (squee, fangirl here). I was lucky enough to go to her panel, aptly entitled Felicia Day: Warrior Queen Goddess of All Nerds, and I even got to ask her a question.

Felicia Day


Did you get to go to Emerald City Comic Con? What has been your favorite part?