Tabletop: Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island.jpg

You’ll have to forgive the pictures in this post (they are from my cellphone) but I really wanted to get a quick post up about the newest tabletop game the hubby and I started playing called Forbidden Island. It’s an entertaining cooperative game with a pretty unique gameplay. And, best of all, you can get through it in about 30 minutes.


The aim of the game is to return to Pilot’s Landing with all of the treasures of the island without dying. Now, this sounds like it would be super easy, but with the forbidden and mysterious islands being flooded, you need to grab your treasures as fast you can before archipelago goes under water.

These little treasures; a aquamarine chalice, a flaming fire, a earth orb and a golden lion; can be quite tricky to grab before the islands begin to sink with the additional difficulties in your way, but once you get into the rhythm of the game, you’ll find yourself wanting to play it over and over again. As you can see below, I was actually quite enamored with the pieces while we played (easily distracted here) and loved the detail that was put into them.


In the beginning of the game you pull 1 of 6 ‘profession’ cards, you can either be a a Navigator, Engineer, Messenger, Diver, Pilot, or Explorer. All of which have a special ability that you can use during the game. So far, I’ve been a pilot, messenger and explorer and have yet to try the other three.


This is what the ‘board’ looks like before play starts. What I particularly love about this game is that you can set it up pretty much anywhere as it doesn’t need a large space to play. This weekend we even took it to our friends place and played with them (and they taught us how to play the fun tabletop game Bang!)


One part that makes it a little harder and complicated is a little card called ‘Waters Rise’. This little bad boy will continue to show up throughout gameplay and cause much consternation when the number of islands that go-under increases each turn from two to the dreaded five.

And check out this gorgeous fantasty artwork, it really captures the fantasy and imagination  as you watch them disappear slowly sink into the abyss. Fun fact, you can now download this as a app if you have an iPad. Check it out here. (Sure makes me wish I had an iPad!)


Double Cards

Me and Mr. Geek are just having to much fun playing it, and there aren’t any hurt feelings because because it is a 100% cooperative game, so you are working together for a common goal, which I particularly enjoy.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

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