I just blue myself…








I couldn’t help myself, I recently bought a few more prints from one of my favorite graphic artists, Andrew Heath. I’ve actually posted about Andrew’s prints before and I just can’t get enough of his absolutely geeky art. Take a look below at my newest art pieces.

Big Yellow Joint Arrested Development

X-Wing Star Wars Death StarAnd Andrew, being the total sweetie that he is included a little something special again this time.

Andrew Heath Graphic Artist Nerdy

Don’t you just love it? It’s currently on my refrigerator as featured artwork. I think the combination of Tobias as a never-nude with a light-saber is just hilarious!

Who are you favorite artists? Leave me a comment below!



Nine, not Ten

 1) A list of 10 old TV shows you’d like to make a comeback.
This is a prompt that just jumped out at me. I’m quite a fan of TV shows and have some of my favourites. These are shows that I wish could come back, especially the ones that were canceled prematurely.
*Technically, it is a mini-series, but I wish they could have made another one——–
To be completley honest, I could only think of nine TV shows that I want returned to TV. I am sure there are more, but my brain is just plum out of thinking-thoughts today!——-