A Big Hand for the Doctor

At the beginning of this year, the BBC announced that they were going to be releasing eleven Doctor Who short stories written by different authors to be released through out the year. I bought the first one and just read it last night (it’s only 48 pages) and I just thought it was fabulous.

Review of the First Doctor - A Big Hand for the Doctor by Radical Geekery


After I read it, I took a look at some reviews and was a bit disappointed. Some of them read:

“There is better fan fiction out there that is more effective at portraying One, so to have the official ‘professional’ fiction foul up so spectacularly is really quite unforgivable.”

“As a slightly bigger kid though, this reads as an ill-judged comic parody of the character and the show.”

“As a short tale it’s OK, but the liberties taken by Eoin in writing this doctor ruin what charm there is in it for me.”

It may be an unpopular opinion  but I adored this e-book and thought it was a great idea to have Eoin Coifer (author of the Artemis Fowl series) write it. To me, it’s meant to be a fun jaunt into the life of the Doctor in his different regenerations. I haven’t had much experience with Classic Who (I know, I know, I’ll watch it), so it was nice in my imagination to build up from what little I’ve watched with William Hartnell to create an image of the Doctor in my mind.

Every month a different book for all the regenerations of the Doctor is going to be released.  Every month the BBC is going to announce the new author around the 1st-7th of the month and there is even a rumour going around that J.K. Rowling will write one. How exciting is that?

Now I’m off to wait not-so-patiently for the release of the Nameless City by Michael Scott. I’m quite excited to read it, and you are definitely going to get a review after it comes out this Saturday (Feb. 23).

To order the e-books go visit Amazon to pre-order the books so they can be delivered to you!

A Big Hand for the Doctor: First Doctor by Eoin Colfer

Nameless City: Second Doctor by Michael Scott

Third Doctor – To Be Revealed on March 3, 2013/Released March 23, 2013

Fourth Doctor – To Be Revealed on April 2, 2013/Released April 23, 2013

Fifth Doctor – To Be Revealed on May 7, 2013/Released May 23, 2013

Sixth Doctor – To Be Revealed on June 4, 2013/Released June 23, 2013

Seventh Doctor – To Be Revealed on July 2, 2013/Released July 23, 2013

Eighth Doctor – TBA

Ninth Doctor – TBA

Tenth Doctor – TBA

Eleventh Doctor – TBA




Good morning, that’s a nice tnetennba. If you are a fan of British Television like I am, then no doubt you’ve seen the IT Crowd, a hilarious spoof on the world of IT and revolves around their mishaps. In one episode Moss (seen above) goes on the famous English show Countdown and comes up with the word Tenetennba (pronounced Tah-net-en-bah) for his round. Catch the bit below:

Here’s a couple definitions from Urban Dictionary:

Tnetennba: Awesome Countdown answer from Channel Fours The IT Crowd. Good morning. That’s a nice TNETENNBA.

Tnetennba: One who looks up words which have been artificially created for the purpose of fiction or comedy.

Tnetennba: A type of blouse introduced in the late 20th century by Icelandic fashion designer Lineham Grahamstrom. It was inspired by older 18th century style of outerwear often used by both men and women of Nordic Ayoade clan for fishing, boating, and whoring out after a night of binge drinking.

And here is my definition:

Tnetennba: Exclamation  when something good, bad, ugly, annoying or just playing anything happens. (Ex. Holy Tnetennba Batman!)

What’s your definition of the Tnetennba?

Note: Check out these adorable Tnetennba-themed pieces. The first is a Tnetennba necklace from Sugar & Vice and now you can stitch your own Tnetennba with this crosssitch design from Pixy Stitches.

Ray-gun Pistols and Sci-fi, Part 2

As promised, part two of my visit to the Steampunk Festival is finally ready to go! It really was an absolute blast and I can’t wait for next year’s festival,  and perhaps I’ll even dress up next year.  Check out all these fabulous goodies and trinkets from the booths at the festival.
What a better place to write your travels and adventures than this fabulous Steampunk Journal!
These little lovely stash of kits and caboodle’s came was set out by Five Leaf Clover.
Steampunk Choker via Five Leaf Clover
Keys to my Steampunk Heart via Five Leaf Clover
TARDIS Scrabble Tile via The Paper Snail
Mr. Mustachio’s via The Paper Snail
Scrabble Heaven via the Paper Snail
Dictionary Prints via the Paper Snail
Release the Kraken!
Steampunk “Face” Plates
Mini Octipi
Dreds + Steampunk = Awesome
A dapper Gentlemen’s vest
Corsets to die for!
And I leave you with the creepiest (yet awesome) thing I saw, Specimen #423.
What was your favorite part of the festival?

Exterminate…Exterminate…Thank you!

I love sci-fi. I love artists. I love Doctor Who. What does that give you? My 2012 Comic Con Print by Andrew Heath, an artist from Kentucky!
Artwork by Andrew Heath
I just adore this print! I had a special request about my shipment and he got right on it. Andrew totally has the people skills well as those amazing artistic skills. And he had a special surprise for me when we were chatting about my purchase on Etsy. He told me that:
Isn’t that super sweet? He includes a doodle for every buyer! But by the time I had written him back, he had shipped my package (work has been busy!) and he couldn’t include the doodle. But, he came through and sent me on through e-mail. And now I have an actual print of his work and a digital copy. Check out my cute little Dalek:
Artwork by Andrew Heath

Do you have a favorite artist that you’ve met online? What genre of art and types of art do you gravitate towards?

Nine, not Ten

 1) A list of 10 old TV shows you’d like to make a comeback.
This is a prompt that just jumped out at me. I’m quite a fan of TV shows and have some of my favourites. These are shows that I wish could come back, especially the ones that were canceled prematurely.
*Technically, it is a mini-series, but I wish they could have made another one——–
To be completley honest, I could only think of nine TV shows that I want returned to TV. I am sure there are more, but my brain is just plum out of thinking-thoughts today!——-