Handmade Holidays: Firefly

It’s time for another round of Handmade Holidays. If you missed our first from last week, you can check it out here. If you are all about being a browncoat, then todays post is for you. There are a few gifts that may need a couple of months saving for, but they would so worth it for cosplay or comic con. For a full list of Firefly-inspired gifts, check out my Etsy Treasury here. If there are other handmade gifts you think should make the cut, be sure to share them in a comment below!

 photo il_570xN501913931_p2ey_zps69ab123b.jpg
Serenity Leather Cuff by Stars Spikes & Madness

 photo il_570xN411759269_ivv6_zps9ace089e.jpg
Firefly Serenity Mirrored Christmas Ornament by Through Thick and Thin

 photo il_570xN408962714_8i6s_zpsa4bf86eb.jpg
Crocheted Jayne Cobb Hat by Gamer Glam

 photo il_570xN439493596_lwp8_zpsecf239db.jpg
Firefly Malcolm Reynold’s Pistol by QE Props

 photo il_570xN468255460_7g86_zps859077a5.jpg
Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal Firefly Bow Tie by Speicher Tie Company

 photo il_570xN518652854_s3si_zps62ba1ded.jpg
Kaylee Shindig Gown by Walker & White

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