Devil’s Panties Review

Not being one who is typically into graphic novels or comic books (save the Wolverine Origins series), I was a bit skeptical when I saw a coupon for this graphic novel in my goodie bag for Emerald City Comic Con. But, I decided, to check the vendor out, it being my first convention.  Note: Always visit the booths that give you coupons — it’s well worth it!

 photo back_zpsce0351ae.jpg

During the weekend, I kept searching for her booth (it was so easy to get lost in the Washington State Convention Center), and by Sunday, I finally made it. Little did I realize that she would actually be there and now I wish I actually would have said something when she signed my copy.

 photo IMG_6924_zpsb34b352e.jpg

The Devil’s Panties IS not pornography as the main character of this comic strip assures us humorously, but is actually a collection of stories and events from Jennie Breeden’s life. And if you are a nerdy feminist young adult (like I am) her experiences will resonate with you. Here are a couple of my favorites strips:

 photo 4x9_1_zps11947f5b.jpg


 photo IMG_6946_zps0de0e101.jpg

Jesus photo IMG_6947_zps9ee777f9.jpg

This whole series really resonated with me and I found myself nodding and laughing at almost every line that was written. I am super excited for next years convention so that I can meet her in person and actually talk to her this time about her experiences. If you want to check her comics out you can see them here, and also follow her on Facebook, and Twitter.

Is there a webcomic that you are just dying for someone else to read? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out!


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