Emerald City Comic Con 2013: Loot Edition

As with any nerd, we are always on the search for new loot — and Emerald City Comic Con was no exception for me.

This was my first year exploring the floor, seeing artist alley and checking out the super geeky merchandise.

Here are a few of the items I was able to bring back in my Bag Of Holding.

1. Companion Cube Soap (DigitalSoaps)


A vanilla scented companion cube soap  from Digital Soaps. Isn’t it darling? It may look teeny, but this happy little cube comes in at just over 12 ounces! It has become It has become the focal point for my bathroom decor and made the room just a little more nerdy.

2. Fireflies in a Jar (Monkey Minion Press)

Fireflies in a Bottle.jpg

It’s so puny! This 5 x 7 piece is from the talked artists at Monkey Minion Press and just about the cutest piece of artwork I own!

3. Browncoats Eyeshadow Palette (Espionage Cosmetics)


“The man they call Jayyynee…”

I haven’t been able to get that catchy tune from the sci-fi series Firefly out of my head since I’ve picked this hoodie up.  From the epic ladies at Espionage Cosmetics this, you are introduced to colors like Reaver Red, Our Mrs. Reynolds and Shiny!

Earlier this week yo

 sure you might have been thinking that when you saw this epic loot that I picked up. It’s a cute little set of handmade eyeshadows by Espionage Cosmetic. If you check out my cosplay edition blog post this year, you will see the lovely Lady Espionage the of the company. I had a quick chance to talk to these gals and just loved learning about this company. You should check out their story here (women-owned, women produced) and The Geeky Hostesses has a great post about her experience at Comic Con with them here.


Kittens may give Morbo gas but this little guy just makes me squee like a fangirl. This little bobbly head is in a set of about 20 different Futurama characters  It’s a random grab because you don’t know what you are getting when you grab them, but this guy was just perfect.


When I saw these vintage pins I just knew I had to have them for my pea jacket. I’ve been sporting a gorgeous hummingbird pin that a dear friend gave me for my birthday a few years ago, but these little fellas would perfect to join it.


Eeee! I wish this was real. Now I have my very own TARDIS Boarding Pass when I plan to cosplay as Rose Tyler next year at con. They also had ID badges for so many other fandoms, it was like a smorgasboard of fake ID’s, I felt like I was getting away with something illegal (at least in the fandoms).


As much as I’m an X-Men fan (and especially Wolverine), this purchase wasn’t for me, it was for Marcus. I saw this and I knew instantly that he would just love it. The artist, John Giang was even at the show and signed it for me, how cool is that? You can check out more of his work here.

Note: Not featured but also purchased, two cute pairs of stud earring from Cutebricks and a 1 up earring set from GeekStar Coustuming.

What is your most treasured piece from a con?


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