The Naked Egg Experiment


This is such an easy little science experiment that is fun for adults and kids alike. If you are using brown eggs (like I did), it will take about a full week for the egg to become translucent.


You can use any type of egg you want for this particular experiment, but I choose a local, farm-fresh and organic egg. Here is a short video of it starting to bubble the second I added the egg to the vinegar.

This group of pictures were taken about twelve hours after I stuck the egg in the vinegar. I was surprised to see how fast the outer shell had started to disappear and disintegrate.


The next morning the vinegar had taken off  almost the first layer of the egg. You could still feel how squishy and fragile the egg was beneath, so at this stage you aren’t going to want to squeeze too hard.


After another day, the brown outer shell of the egg had almost completely come off and about half of the vinegar had soaked into the egg. At this point, I transferred the egg to another container (clean) and filled it back with the vinegar.


The next day the outmost coating starting to rub off and I could start to see inside the egg (how cool is that!?!). I couldn’t wait until the white film began to be stripped off.


On the evening of the 7th day, this is what I came home to, the egg was almost translucent and I could see the yolk through the thin layer of slightly rubber skin.


How neat is that? Can you see the yolk in the center of the egg? You can play with it, push it and feel it inside.


Here the egg (live, haha) after a week of being in the vinegar.

Just be careful playing with the egg or you’ll end up smashing it all over the counter-top like I did. Hint: The egg does not bounce!



3 thoughts on “The Naked Egg Experiment

    1. I’m glad you like this fun little science experiment, it was so much fun to do and I definitely think it would be great for a homeschool or even grade-school project.

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