Good morning, that’s a nice tnetennba. If you are a fan of British Television like I am, then no doubt you’ve seen the IT Crowd, a hilarious spoof on the world of IT and revolves around their mishaps. In one episode Moss (seen above) goes on the famous English show Countdown and comes up with the word Tenetennba (pronounced Tah-net-en-bah) for his round. Catch the bit below:

Here’s a couple definitions from Urban Dictionary:

Tnetennba: Awesome Countdown answer from Channel Fours The IT Crowd. Good morning. That’s a nice TNETENNBA.

Tnetennba: One who looks up words which have been artificially created for the purpose of fiction or comedy.

Tnetennba: A type of blouse introduced in the late 20th century by Icelandic fashion designer Lineham Grahamstrom. It was inspired by older 18th century style of outerwear often used by both men and women of Nordic Ayoade clan for fishing, boating, and whoring out after a night of binge drinking.

And here is my definition:

Tnetennba: Exclamation  when something good, bad, ugly, annoying or just playing anything happens. (Ex. Holy Tnetennba Batman!)

What’s your definition of the Tnetennba?

Note: Check out these adorable Tnetennba-themed pieces. The first is a Tnetennba necklace from Sugar & Vice and now you can stitch your own Tnetennba with this crosssitch design from Pixy Stitches.


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