Ray-gun Pistols and Sci-fi

As promised I finally have some pictures up from the fabulous Steampunk Festival that was held in Fairhaven on Saturday. It was a complete blast and I’m definitely going to be attending again next year! Check out these phenomenal attendees that I I got to snap a photograph of:
A lone heroine
Decked out to the nines.
A fashionable afternoon out.
A gorgeous beauty and two stellar gentleman.
Some undercover Whovians who soniced me. Squee!
Ms. Aviator
A wild and western gal!
Loved her costume!
The cutest little duo – you rocked it gals of Five Leaf Clover Costuming
Bellingham Steampunker’s
What a better way to hang out with your mom than go to a Steampunk Festival!
Like my gun?
A vendor.
A family that plays together, stays together.
A smilin’ beauty
Two happy steampunking couples!
A kilt and a cane, what could be better?
Mom and daughter posing for the camera.
What a dashing pair.
Parasols for a pretty day!
To be continued…

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