Exterminate…Exterminate…Thank you!

I love sci-fi. I love artists. I love Doctor Who. What does that give you? My 2012 Comic Con Print by Andrew Heath, an artist from Kentucky!
Artwork by Andrew Heath
I just adore this print! I had a special request about my shipment and he got right on it. Andrew totally has the people skills well as those amazing artistic skills. And he had a special surprise for me when we were chatting about my purchase on Etsy. He told me that:
Isn’t that super sweet? He includes a doodle for every buyer! But by the time I had written him back, he had shipped my package (work has been busy!) and he couldn’t include the doodle. But, he came through and sent me on through e-mail. And now I have an actual print of his work and a digital copy. Check out my cute little Dalek:
Artwork by Andrew Heath

Do you have a favorite artist that you’ve met online? What genre of art and types of art do you gravitate towards?

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