Emerald City Comic Con 2014

It’s been a heck of a couple of weeks and I was going to post about Emerald City Comic Con the day after I got back, but I came down with the case of the flu + cold that had me down for awhile. Here are some of the pictures that I was able to snap.

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-14at83447PM_zps0c51dfb4.png


My friend and I waiting in line to get in!

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-14at83454PM_zpsfa5e2692.png


Captain America a.k.a. my husband

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-14at83503PM_zpsdceded44.png

My new flask, inspired by Firefly

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-14at83512PM_zpsfaede127.png

The posters that were new at comic con this year. I have to give the ECCC staff props for putting these up.

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-14at83523PM_zps868de03c.png

My husband and I waiting in line for Alan Tudyk

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-14at83533PM_zps28a44d7a.png

My new favorite Doctor Who dress

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-14at83539PM_zpse7606e24.png

A brillant Cheryl and Pam (Archer) cosplay

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-14at83549PM_zps087679e8.png

A Dalek and Harley Quinn

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-14at83557PM_zps330aae24.png

OMG! I love this shirt. It’s a bunch of quote from Serenity.

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-14at83616PM_zps3361fc86.png

One of my biggest nerdgasm moments of the con

I’ll admit it, I’m an extrovert.

Admitting something about yourself can be incredibly scary, even if you have a outgoing personality. During the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of what I guess you can call “soul-searching”. As a humanist, I don’t really have a better term than deeply digging into my own emotions and feelings to learn more about myself. A couple of days I ran across this particular article and realized something very clearly about myself, I’m an extrovert.

Extrovert Becky

Extroverts, like introverts need care — just in a different way. Like the author of the article, I have seen articles about how to care for introverts, and in my experiences, they have been incredibly helpful in learning more about my friends and family who are introverts. But, I wondered where that left me. Did extroverts need any care? Or because they were extroverts did they just have to get it themselves?

Question Mark

The were definitely a few points in the article that stood out to me and I definitely wanted to expand on them a bit and talk about what it means for an extrovert.

*Craving the company of others* This point stood heads over all the others to me. Just like an introvert needs time to themselves to recharge their batteries, many extroverts like myself find that being around people and in their company really recharges our batteries. People often ask me what my favorite thing to do is and I respond by saying “Hanging out with people.” And there couldn’t be a more true statement. I like doing all sorts of things, playing games, going out for dinner, bowling, seeing movies, etc., but for me, they exponentially more fun when I have other people around to share in the experience with. The energy of the people around me helps to recharge me so that I can keep being me.

*People assuming you are always confident* You will find that not all extroverts are confident. Sometimes we are (‘scuse the language), scared shitless of what we are doing. Most days you can find me psyching myself up for my next big adventure, and often failing at that. Most days I’m just faking the confidence so I can get through whatever I am doing next. I try to take each day at a time, but if you think extroverts are all confident, remember that we fake it a good deal of the time.

*You’re not allowed to be sad.* This is one that I’ve noticed recently. I’m generally a very happy-go-lucky person, but I’ve realized that I need to allow myself to experience other emotions in order to appreciate my happy, joyful and ecstatic emotions. Some people use sadness or anger as a mask, I’ve always used happiness. Sometimes I just need to be sad. It doesn’t mean I’m going to be sad forever.

Becky Flower

At the end of the day, I’m an extrovert. I am generally happy and incredibly energetic, passionate and intense in who I am, but sometimes I just need to say it aloud. I’m an extrovert, and I need others. =)

Port of Morrow

It isn’t that often that I find an album of music where I enjoy every track, note, lyric and word that I hear. Most of the time, it’s a single song, or a few tracks that interest me, but not the entire selection of music. This last weekend M and I went and spent some time with our close friends down in Tacoma and on the drive home, we listened to album Port of Morrow by the Shins probably at least three times. Ever since then, it is the only album I’ve been listening to all week. Here are some of my favorite tracks

Simple Song

It’s Only Life


For a full-track listing, click here.

Super Bowl Commercials – Part One

Is it really that time of year again? Super Bowl 2014 has come and gone (Go Hawks!) and life has returned to normal. Most years, I ignore the game and go on my merry little way knowing that it’ll happen the very next year. This year was actually a little different. While I did’t watch the game, myself (along with thousands of other Washingtonians), cheered on our local team, the Seahawks. From soaps, to cheesecakes, and more, our state banded together in support of our team.

After the game was over, and we won (!!) the Superbowl commercials started pouring in, and like every year there are some must avoids and some must sees. There was even one that didn’t make it (lack of funds) and today I want to feature ones that I liked and felt really did a great job featuring some of the values and ideas that we here at Radical Geekery promote. Let’s go!

P.S. If there is a commercial that you really loved, be sure to share in the comments below.

RadioShack: This store has been around for decades and it’s been the butt of many jokes. Well, come 2014 they are finally leaving the 80′s and entering the new millennium. I’m not much for corporations, but RadioShack pulled out our favorite parts of the 80′s to bring us this commercial. How many references can you spot? #InWithTheNew

GoldieBox: Hands down one of my favorites. This is a brand new product to encourage children (especially girls) to get involved in engineering and science. If I had girls, I’d get them this product, but I have a god-niece I am going to be getting this for.

Coca-Cola: A beautiful ad showcasing the great and wonderful diversity we have in this country overlaid with the song, America the Beautiful. What was especially special to me was the inclusion of two fathers with their child.

Axe: Make Love, Not War is the theme of this next commercial. I don’t buy Axe deodorant, but I thought the message that tried to promote was thoughtful.

Jaguar: I don’t do cars – except Volkswagon, but that is another story. I’m a huge Anglophile, so anything with British actors or people in it gets me excited, and this has our favorite Asgardian trickster in a helicopter…need I say more?

Note: I am not a big corporation supporter, nor was I paid for this post. I am just particularly happy to see some of these ads heading in more positive directions instead of promoting hate and inequality.

Be sure to drop by tomorrow on Radical Geekery for more commercials and a bonus clip of one that didn’t make it into the actual roundup, but should been seen.

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We Were Only Freshman

Egads and eek! I’ve been a bit absent these past few weeks, but not without cause. I’ve started back up my academic career as a student at Western Washington University (!!) and started taking classes in journalism, public relations and computer science this quarter. Can’t you tell how studious I am (or seem to be)?

 photo Studying_zps5a9eb646.jpg

Easy No-Hassle Way to Eat a Pomegranate

Long known as a sensual fruit, pomegranate is a superfood that you will not want to be without in your diet. It is a favourite of mine, but I’ve always had a problem with getting those individual seeds out of it. I’m a bit of a lazy radical homemaker and when I do tasks, I want it to be no-hassle and easy. Earlier this week, my friend Elizabeth from Wild American Dream showed me how to easily deseed a pomegranate in five minutes or less. Read on to learn how to make eating a pomegranate so much easier.

 photo Pomegranate_zps3c97efa8.jpg

First, you are going to want to cut your pomegranate in four quarters. This will make it easier and faster to deseed and you’ll thank me for it later. Be careful of your fingers, we wouldn’t want any emergency room visits. Once you’ve cut in in the quarters, fill a large bowl (I used a punch bowl) with cold water.

Goal Keeping

Happy 2014! Like most people at the beginning of a new year, I make goals for the following year. This year is no different and I’m excited to start anew and complete the goals I’ve set aside for myself this year. Instead of being insanely specific, I’ve given myself the room the complete these goals in the way that works the best for me. I’d love to hear what goals you are pursuing this year — leaving a comment below on the ones you really hope to achieve this year.

New Year 2014